About Claudia


Born in Seattle 1948

B.A. in English and Comparative Literature from University of Washington, Dartmouth College, and Occidental College.

Masters Summer Program at Dartmouth College. Scholarship Award.

Cornish School of Allied Arts. Scholarship Merit Student. Assistant teacher in life drawing. Scholarship competition Award, Art Department.

Accounts Receivable at G. Raden and Sons, Wine Importer. Designed product labels for wine companies.

President of the Bakery Idea, Inc. Roosevelt Bakery and Espresso Bar President and Designer of Bakery. Business Manager Touchstone Wholesale Bakery.

Studied Authentic Movement and Dance Therapy at the Institute of Transformational Movement. Traveled to Japan and to pursue Buddhist studies. Practiced Tibetan Buddhism and Vipassana.

Owner Casa Claudia, Inc, floral design services.

Studied sculpture and life drawing at Pratt Art, Seattle.

Dan Adelaide Sculpture Scholarship Award. Pratt Art. Artist in Residence at Pratt Art.

Board of Directors, PTA Art Program, Medina Middle School. Bellevue School District Grant Recipient in Art.

Medina School Education Grant: “Renaissance Materials and the Renaissance Workshop.”

Featured as the Artist in Healthy Home Episode #113 Omni Film Productions.

Raises rare and endangered Sheep at Mutiny Bay Farm, Whidbey Island Washington. On Board of Directors of the American Black Welsh Sheep Association.

Sculpting and Oil Painting at private art studios in Ballard and Medina, WA. Ceramic Sculpture at Seward Park Studios, Seattle.